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Learn to proficiently buy, sell and exchange supported cryptos on's trading platform. Streamline portfolio management. Login's Trading Platform - Buying, Selling and Exchanging Assets offers a robust trading platform that allows you to seamlessly buy, sell, and exchange supported cryptocurrencies. Once logged into your account, you can easily manage your crypto portfolio. This guide will cover the key features for executing trades.

Depositing Funds

Before transacting, you'll need to deposit fiat currency or crypto into your account using wire transfer or credit card:
  • Navigate to your account dashboard after login.
  • Click "Transfer" then select either deposit fiat or crypto.
  • Choose deposit method and follow prompts to complete the transfer.
  • Funds will reflect in your account balance.

Buying Cryptocurrencies

To purchase crypto using your deposited funds:
  • Go to "Trade" and select "Buy".
  • Enter the crypto amount you want to buy.
  • Select currency to buy with and preview rate.
  • Review details then click "Buy" to complete purchase.
  • Purchased assets will show in your crypto wallet.

Selling Cryptocurrencies

When ready to sell crypto holdings:
  • Go to "Trade" and select "Sell".
  • Pick asset to sell and enter amount.
  • Preview exchange rate and details.
  • Verify details accurately and click "Sell".
Proceeds from the sale go to your USD/USDT wallet balance.

Exchanging Assets

To seamlessly swap one crypto for another:
  • Go to "Trade" and choose "Exchange".
  • Select the "From" and "To" crypto pair.
  • Enter exchange amount and preview rate.
  • Verify details and click "Exchange" to complete.
With a few clicks you can easily exchange assets on!
By leveraging's trading platform, you can conveniently manage your entire crypto portfolio including buying, selling, exchanging, and tracking assets from a single account. Just be sure to double check transaction details for accuracy.
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